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Device limit is so fustrating

Today I went to get back to watching the flash only to find that the device limit had been reached.. I then decided to start to remove all the registered devices thinking this will reset everything. Realising just before I removed it off my PS4 that now I can only watch on one device now for the rest of the month!!! My parents are split so I have two bedrooms and there's devices at each house. If I had known I never would have connected my phone just my iPad, PS4 and my tv and leave myself some leeway.. now I'm potentially stranded coming up toward Christmas only being able to watch on a device in a house I'm not even going to be at over the holidays!!! What's the point in paying for something I now can't even use!!

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User go on to chat. They can reset your devices.  Then choose 4. If one was a Chromecast you can take it between homes.

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