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Why have I been charged and billed more today? I tried to cancel my subs yesterday but you offered me it for less so I stayed but when I checked today they are back the full price. It’s an absolute joke to do this to people, oh yeah stay and we’ll give a bargain then wait til their back is turned and overcharge them I was quoted £3.99 for the movies and £3.49 for the entertainment passes as I tried to cancel as couldn’t afford this not a happy customer I’ve been with you guys for ages I have three passes that are paid monthly and on time every month but do you return the favour? No you try to rip me off for £17 quid on Xmas day of all days 🙈 either my pass is reduced or I’m recalling my money from my end and a wee sorry wouldn’t go amiss either

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Welcome to the forum. If you still aren't sorted, I'd suggest trying live chat, explain what's happened and see if they can help. You can get to live chat from the Contact Us page

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