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Cancelled membership but still charged 6 months later!!!

I had a few NowTv Vouchers and also paid for this service as it's fantasitc for my rooms i don't have Sky in. However yesterday I have noticed after i stopped using the service in April this year i've been charged 7.99 and 9.99 per month for entertainment and cinema passes when i had cancelled them! - the total charge for the services i have not used is £107.99 after checking with my bank. I have contaced the live help chat many times to be told that the process is complicated and is around 4/5 steps to cancel and that i might not have done this right? How many steps is it 4 or 5 to cancel membership if the online staff can't tell me this i'm not sure how customers are expected to know. You will be able to see from my account history the system has not been used since April when i had cancelled online. As i've told the online advisors i want a full refund for the services i have been charged for and not used. - My first online message they offered me 3x 7.99 and 3x 9.99 totaling half of what was outstanding. I was told if i don't accept this offer then the manager who will deal with my complaint will not offer me any better and will follow protocall what ever that means. I've been on live chat today and a new offer of 2x7.99 and 2x 9.99 even less than yesterday. After a number of attempts when the live agent said they were checking my account they just never responded and the chat ended due to inactivity to my frustration. My complaint 03893683 that was logged i've had a email saying this is now closed and dealt with when i've been told by a online agent a manager will be contacting me? - I'm left £107.99 out of pocket and fustrated that NowTv are not offering me any answers after being a loyal customer for many years!

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