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Cancelled but still charged

I had won a McDonald's Monopoly free trial for a NOW TV entertainment pass, signed up and cancelled it within 2 weeks. I am the only person using this account (on my PC and iPhone, which I made sure to log out delete after canceling) therefore I do not know why I was charged £7.99 this month when it said I has successfully cancelled my pass I had logged in today after not using my account to fix this situation and again pressed cancel, in case it would charge me again in January as in my payments section it says I have an upcoming payment, despite canelling it already. I would like a refund, if possible as I made sure to cancel my pass so it wouldn't automatically renew, as it said it did. 


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Re: Cancelled but still charged


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If you pop onto live chat, and explain what happened then hopefully they will sort out a refund. To get there go to the following help page


Afterwards, make sure you pop back onto your My Account > My Passes page to make sure your passes is saying cancelled. Bear in mind when you cancel a pass there's quite a few steps you need to go through before it eventually confirms it is cancelled.


I would also recommend enabling your Payment PIN in your account, this will prevent accidental or unauthorised payments in the future. To turn your Payment PIN on, go to your My Account > Payment PIN page