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Account query

I recently opted in the for a 14 day free trial. After 2 weeks a couple of payments were taken from my account which u assume are because I didn't cancel in time. My query is to do with the passes, when I log in to Now Tv on my phone or tablet it says i have no yet bought a pass and when I click on a film to watch it asks me to buy a pass, how ever when I open Now Tv on a console such as my Xbox 1, It allows to me watch films straight away without buying a pass... how is this possible? Or am I still being charged? There's no option to cancel my account as I haven't bought any of the passes. Thanks in advance.

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

Have you checked the username and password on the Xbox NowTV App is the same exact details on the NowTV App on both your phone and tablet?