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switched from TalkTalk to NowTV Broadband


I ordered this on the 25 Feb as you can see, you had some problems with the order rejection as for order allredy open on the account.

I phoned you on the suport No. after reciving a text, about this problem and was addvised to talk to talk talk about the problem' here is the transcript of the chat session.

Ihave still not had any reply from you as if and when the service will go live or is still a problem, they stated at the end that you need to contact them again, please look into it and let me know so we can sort things out if needed.

many thanks


TalkTalk: You are now through to Brenda.
susan brydges: hi Brenda

Good Afternoon susan, you are through to Brenda at the Customer Loyalty Department. How can I help you?

susan brydges: im trying to get my number transferd to new suplyer, but they say they cant as there is an order on the number allready

I am sorry to hear that, your number has already been ordered by a different provider, you are through to the right person I will help you.

susan brydges: my contract has eded so i dont no why there is an outstanding order !
susan brydges: ended*

No worries I will check for you.

susan brydges: or if you can give me phone basic broadband 17meg and anytime calls for a good price then i will stay

I just need to take some details so that I can open your account. Please can you reply with:

• Your full name
• Your phone number.

susan brydges: susan brydges
susan brydges: 0144341****

Please confirm that you are the account holder.

susan brydges: yes i am

Please can you confirm your address including postcode and your email address?

susan brydges: * twyn****** treharris cf46***
susan brydges: b****j@******.com

Your email address is incorrect.


Please confirm your mobile number.

susan brydges: it's not it's my new one i updated
susan brydges: my old one is b****j@****.com
susan brydges: 079086*****

Great! That matches our records. Please give me a moment to check your account.


Thank you so much for your patience.

susan brydges: no prob 🙂

Looking in to your account you are currently on Faster Fibre plan paying £50.00 per month for a 18 month contract thayt ended on 09/02/2019.



susan brydges: yes i dont want non of that just phone and basic broard band and any time calls
susan brydges: i never got the speed on that broard band so no point in paying for it

My priority is making sure you're happy with TalkTalk and the price you're paying with us. Can I ask some questions so I can understand how you use your services, make sure I know the best plan for you and then we can see what price that would be?

susan brydges: i only want the phone line but no one dose just phone any more 🙂
susan brydges: what i said is the best plan
susan brydges: i dont need the broard ban but have to have it , so the basic adsl will do

I will still need to ask you questions so that I can recommend the best prices.

susan brydges: ok

Help me to understand your broadband needs, what do you mainly use the internet for? Do you use the internet for downloading movies/games or just general browsing / emails etc?

susan brydges: i dont use talktalk broardband
susan brydges: its just on

Perfect, would you like to add anytime calls to your package?

susan brydges: yes

On your current package, you also have fibre speed boost.

susan brydges: dont need it
susan brydges: not working any more speed has droped to 44mbit

So you want Broadband and anytime calls only, everything else I must remove it.


Is that correct?

susan brydges: yes
susan brydges: yes

Okay great.


Faster Fibre for £23.50 and Unlimited UK calls for £7.50.

susan brydges: dont want fiber

Fibre is actually your current package.

susan brydges: yes i dont want it
susan brydges: just adsl
susan brydges: by looking at your deals on broadban and any time calls it is still more exspensive than the other suplyer

Our packages comes with Broadband.

susan brydges: Unlimited Broadband Average download speeds of 11mb
susan brydges: Our award-winning, value-packed Broadband
susan brydges: £21.50 a month for 18 months

Are you aware that if you downgrade now, you services might be a little slowm.



susan brydges: if you look on my account i dont use it as it is slow now , i have another phoneline with sky at 78meg that i use
susan brydges: i just need the phone line for the number
susan brydges: i you can't give me what i want then let the other suplyer take it over
susan brydges: We'll use the card details saved in My Account for your monthly payment. Want to know when your payment will be taken? Read this handy guide Anytime calls £8.00 12 months Anytime Calls Offer -£8.00 Line rental £17.99 Brilliant Broadband £8.00 12 months Brilliant Broadband Offer -£7.99
susan brydges: £17.99 12 month
susan brydges: you cant beat it

Who offered you this deal?

susan brydges: now tv
susan brydges: About your NOW TV broadband plan We estimate the download speed your line could support will be between 13.1 and 20.9 Mb. You should expect a guaranteed minimum access line speed of 9.6 Mb.

I can offer you £7.50 for Unlimited UK calls and £20.00 for Fast Broadband.

susan brydges: still £10 more
susan brydges: so i will go to them just when they try to take the number other it get's rejected as it states an order is in progress !

I am sorry but that was my best offer.

susan brydges: so i will go to them just when they try to take the number other it get's rejected as it states an order is in progress !

The line order has already been placed.

susan brydges: who by!

It has not as yet reflected as on who took over your line.

susan brydges: thats becuaes they cant it get rejected

Please contact them to contact us again please.

susan brydges: ok will do
susan brydges: many thanks for the help

Please note, that you can update your personal details and marketing preference online via My Account. Did you know that by using Myaccount you can manage your bills, payments, upgrades, and special offers. Whilst also making sure we have your most up to date contact information should we ever need to get in touch.To save a copy of the chat transcript for future reference, all you will need to do is click on the “+” button at the bottom left of the chat window.

susan, I would really appreciate your feedback on the service that I’ve provided. Please click the "X" button in the top right of our chat window to answer a few short questions about your experience with me today.


Is there anything else that I can help you with?

susan brydges: thats it thanks

Thank you for chatting with us today. Enjoy the rest of the day and take care. Bye!




Thanks for your order

25 Feb
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Broadband and phone go live

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Sorry, we don't have your go live date yet. We'll let you know as we can.

You don't need to do anything or even be at home - it'll all happen automa

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