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re cancellation of my account and removal of all details

Hello there, before I get to the point, please read the following VERY CAREFULLY so I do not get a response that is sidetracking the request.

- I am aware of your 'data retention policy' and how it has no bearing whatsoever on my request under data protection laws (rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper... you get where I'm heading with this)
- I know my rights as per the data protection laws and am fully exercising them with my request
- I know of the auto-renewal button and again, that it's function is completely irrelevant to my request
- Please understand that I am a human being that is well read in many things and do not appreciate responses that try to divert from the main subject of this exchange. Therefore, I would suggest taking into account what you have just read before you respond to the following...

Despite canceling the movie pass you still stole the money from my account. I would like it refunding please.

I, being of sound mind and judgement, hereby instruct NowTV to completely remove all personal data including; name, address, payment details and account, from all systems linked to NowTV and it's services.
I revoke permission for any of the above data to be possessed by NowTV (or any employee of NowTV).
This notice is given on 15/06/2019 at 20:20 gmt. NowTV has 72 hours to comply.

Have a lovely day
Kind regards

Roberto C Smith

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User,


Thanks for your post.


Firstly if you would like to request a refund, you will need to contact us directly using Live Chat where an agent can look into your account.


Live Chat will also deal with your request under GDPR. It's worth noting that this falls under "The Right to be forgotten" or "right to erasure" it is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances. Companies have one month to respond to these requests when raised directly with an agent, which in this case would be live chat - not a public forum.


We  also need to let you know that repeat posting or "spamming" is against the Community rules which you agreed to when joining. If you continue this you may be banned from the Community.