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now tv will add boost without your knowledge

i bought now tv just over a week ago (8days) I paid the start up fee of  £6.99 for the 6month promotion. I didn't know of the quality of the player until after I bought it  (spoiler it's god awful) i didn't know what a boost was until it appeared on my bill with another payment of £9.99.

I have not done anything other than play one show (Barry) but some how i bought the movie package and a booster, no one has access to this account other than me i have no clue as to how i have bought something i have not even seen let alone clicked on, this is a scam i have been charge for products i didn't know existed let alone clicked on. If u have not bought this then this is your warning do not buy the customer service is also one of the worst I have came across i cannot get a refund since there nowbot is stuck in limbo and no number to contact them. 

if this is seen by customer service I WANT A REFUND!!!!.

Elite 3

@igotscamed when you signed up to the 6 month offer, the promotion contained a free trial of cinema and boost memberships which revert to paid memberships after the free trail period if not cancelled.

It was up to you to read the terms and remove the unwanted memberships from the basket on the payments page if you didn't want them.

See this thread for a full explanation and a link on how to speak to an operative over live chat so you can request a refund.