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new deal not available to existing customers

My Broadband/calls package has come to an end and just been offered a deal of £35 on a 12 month contract.  Looking online, new customers get the same deal for £25.  WHY?  Surely if you keep your existing customers, you don't need to look for as many new ones.  Will be leaving NOW as just like SKY, the deals for existing loyal customers suck.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Have you tried phoning the NowTV Broadband Team Retention Dept to see if they will offer you a new 12 month contract at a discounted price for staying ?


You will find their telephone number under My Account > Orders & Appointments whilst logged in on here and click the drop down arrow below live date to reveal the number to call.


Otherwise shop around for another ISP offering a better deal to your £35 per month new price offered by NowTV.


I do agree though that loyal customers should be rewarded without the need to keep phoning them every 12 months to re negotiate prices.


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Hi.  Apparently I was speaking to the retention dept.  I tried last week and was on hold for 45 minutes before giving up, then they tried calling me back twice but they hung up each time, then I spoke to them today and that was the best offer.  Had the same with SKY.  Been SKY free for 3 years now and loving life.