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my broadband package has gone up nearly 50% without telling me

 had and email stating my package was going up by £3.50 i thought ok no problem , then the internet kept going of when it thundered so i logged in to put a complaint in , a new router was sent out , while i was on i had a look at my bills ,and you was taking out £43 my package was £30 no emails nothing done on the quiet without letting me know , i f this is the way you treat your customers its ridiculous ,specially as the package without phone is still on sale for £24 onsite without phone why would you put mine up £19 just for the phone based on the site price  

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If you are having issues with your connection then get back onto them, you know the number now!

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Call up using the number provided earlier to complain. Jumping on the forum won’t get it resolved, no broadband support have ever been on in my time of using it.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Have you checked spam/junk etc? If you definitely haven't received notification and you would like to exercise the right that you would have had to leave without penalty then call the complaints team on 0800 759 1213.