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i want to stop my sports monthly payments

i want to stop my payment on the 17 september how do i stop the payment

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Legend 5

Hi @roger747- 

Go into your NOW account (assuming the monthly Sports Membership was through NOW and not a third party such has Amazon, Apple etc).

Then under Manage Account, My Membership there should hopefully be a cancel button to click on next to your Sports Membership.

There is roughly five or six steps and once cancelled it should say cancelled in red text next to your Sports Membership and you should also receive an email notification that a Sports Membership is cancelled.

If you wish you can cancel it right now and you can still keep watching up until the 16th of September.

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Legend 5


To follow-up from @schnapps did you definitely take the membership out on the website and not through the app itself?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help