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Re: i cancelled Hayu after a week and youre still taking payment

@RoyB  @Robert1997


Well Roy


My free Hayu pass was offered to me by email and, after some thought, accepted it as a month trial before making any commitment.


However, if the the pass was applied to my account first and I was then informed afterwards, I would see that as being underhanded, simply because there would be no guarantee that I would see that email or watch any Hayu programming.


And this is my point, if an email is sent to me asking if I want a free pass then that's OK, because whether I see the email or not, I am not committed to a monthly subscription.


However, if a pass is auto activated first and I am informed  later on by an email that I may not have seen, due to it either being spammed, auto-deleted or just my basic human frailties, I am then committed to a monthly subscription without my active consent.


And that I find underhanded.


I hope I have explained myself.



UK Bob


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Re: I cancelled Hayu after a week and you’re still taking payment



Perfectly  - thanks.


That seems to be the ideal way for NowTV to do it, and as I explained in my latest Reply in the other thread, I think anything that autostarts is at best inappropriate, and at worst, as you say, underhanded.


But I don’t think I’d mind if NowTV plonked the offer into my account, just so long as they didn’t autostart it, and I could carefully consider it, and whether and when to start it, just as you have with your email.

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