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 i have been having major problems with  now broadband ever since  i took  up . im disabled  im appualled i had a call today asking for my bank details for which i woud not give  i have a case id of 09023544  i the call i had i could not understand  a single word as i have dual hearing aids and i have to shout to be able to hear my own voice  the person tbh wasnt sure what laungage they were speaking from   kept asking me to  quite down  BUT I CANT UNDERSTAND OR HEAR YOU . . I talked to someone  on the 22nd of march and was told to upgrade to super  havent heard anything since   does anyone know if im going to be upgraded as was told it would be 27.99 a month but  nothings happened , ive  given up calling now as can not understand a word they say and nothings ever done  ?????????????????????  can i just  go to ombudsman as i feel ive totally  lost all hope with help  if not i will just cancel direct debit and willing see now broadband in court im at the end of my tether ive bween told  im a cripple a lier and dont dont reply to emails of which i can prove  is there any help  out there  

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Re: customer services

Hi @handyandy1966 


If you wasn't asking the NOW Broadband Team to phone you back then it might be a telephone scam that is doing the rounds.


Did they say NOW Broadband when they phoned and not Sky which is one of the common names they use second guessing your Broadband Provider ?


The NOW Broadband Team are based in Ireland so i would expect an English speaking person maybe with a hint of an Irish accent.


NOW rarely phone their customers and their method of communication the majority of the time is to contact customers by email.


NOW will never ask for your full bank details and once you have answered a couple of security questions they will ask you the last four digits only on your bank card associated with your NOW account.


Does your landline phone show the last phone call numbers received and if so what was the number that you received ?


Might be a good idea to contact NOW Broadband using one of the communication methods in the link below.


Firstly to see if it was them who called you and secondly to see if you can get your Broadband sorted and if not your intentions to cancel and go elsewhere.


Should you have trouble hearing people on the phone, then maybe send them a message using the web form on the link.


Hope you get it resolved. 

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