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Anonymous User
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Hi I'm trying to cancel my membership but there is no option showing. Has anyone else found this?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

There is a few threads about this over the years.

Here's a recent example in the link below.

See if there is any pointers on the reason why you can't see a cancel option. 


@Anonymous User Are you switching to another provider, if so which one and what type of service?

Anonymous User
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Hi, I've got the same problem. Cancelled my NOW Broadband package, but have been charged £43 on the day my membership should have ended. The website details on cancelling membership are useless, you just go round in circles clicking various links, and end up getting nowhere. Has it been deliberalely designed to be complicated and confusing? I'm very annoyed about this. Definately won't be coming back to NOW Broadband ever again, nor recommending NOW Broadband to anybody else.