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broadband and cost plans

We signed up for NOW a while back and pay £43 a month. Not used any TV package due to ongoing work at home. Looking at the website the price for same package is less than what I have beeen paying- anyone else experiencing this? also who to have a proper conversation with to readdress the issue?




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Hi @ks2new 

I am assuming you are out of contract ?

Looking at that price you quoted, I am guessing it includes "Anytime Calls" which bumps up the price a bit ?

The Broadband prices on the NOW website is usually a first year introductory offers and they don't include "Anytime Calls" anymore where this is an optional extra over price.

I would phone the NOW Broadband Team using the telephone number on this screen shot below to renegotiate a new price.

If you come to a new deal price that is acceptable, you will automatically be put on a further 12 months contract again.



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Looks like you are paying out of contract prices and/or for a calls bundle. Give customer services a call on 0330 332 3050 and see if you can negotiate a better deal.