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Account & Billing


NOW Account Help and Information

  How do I create a NOW Account? If you're new to NOW you'll need to create an account in order to access all of our great content. Follow these simple steps to sign up.   How do I use My Account? We've changed the way My Account looks. See this link...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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GDPR News and Info - 25th May 2018

Hi All,   As you may be aware GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May. For more information on what GDPR means for you as a customer of NOW TV please take a look at our help article here:   If you have a ...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Broadband and TV

There is broadband and That I want to purchase for my new property, I move in 31st July, It is asking me to pay for tv now although I won't have access until the end of the month. is it best that I just pay for broadband to get it booked in then add ...

Being over charged!

I have one device on my now tv, with the sky cinema pass. I am being charged twice a month £11.99why is this?i will cancel if this doesn’t get resolved and refunded.

Resolved! Subscription restarted???

Hi, I never subscribed for a months subs, i have not use the platform for quite some time now.....I checked my bank this afternoon, i have paid £9.99 and £3.00 of which i, nor my partner authorised.The last time we used NOW was last year due to every...

Resolved! Debit card keeps being removed

Since the web form to make a complaint leads to an error, I'm having to post here! Every month my debit card gets removed from my account by yourselves, which leads to bills going unpaid and eventually threatening emails that I'm going to be cut off....

So now I have to pay to not have ads

So although I pay a premium for movies and TV content I will still have to pay more so I don't get ads.... Really... You robbing bunch of a holes.Discovery channels disappeared... WTF,Time once again to cancel all services.Nice one now tv... 

Fraudulent email

 Today I received a very convincing email saying my card had been declined and that I needed to update my payment details clicking on the link. I knew the money had come out of my bank so I knew it was a fake email. I have tried uploading a picture b...

Charged for 'New' Entertainment Pass

Hi All,Went into my account to cancel my kids pass today (ends today 30jun) only to find i have been charged for an entertainment pass?? (until 30 jul) Weirdly i got an email from now tv 9th June telling me they were combining the kids and ent passes...

shazzam by Scholar
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Fox channel leaving now tv

A simple question sort of double barrelled  as now tv is not going to stream the fox channel in the next day or two is nowtv planning replacing this channel or as you will be running a slightly reduced service are you going to reduce the cost of the ...

Multiple devices

Hi Please can some one tell me if there is a charge for having / watch two devices at the same tile on one account?I am currently with Talktalk but are charging £4 per month for two tv boxes.Thanks