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Account & Billing


NOW Account Help and Information

  How do I create a NOW Account? If you're new to NOW you'll need to create an account in order to access all of our great content. Follow these simple steps to sign up.   How do I use My Account? We've changed the way My Account looks. See this link...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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GDPR News and Info - 25th May 2018

Hi All,   As you may be aware GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May. For more information on what GDPR means for you as a customer of NOW TV please take a look at our help article here:   If you have a ...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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I cancelled my broadband but still being charged

I don’t know if this will make sense but I switched to BT from NowTV back in July, I within my 14 day cooling off period where I could cancel without charge. BT did a hand over from NowTV & im now paying £18 a month on BT. But here’s the thing, I’m g...


on 31 August I had an email from Now to say that they had extended my Sports Mobile Membership by four months at no additional cost.However they are still charging me £25 per month plus£5 boost. Is this correct

Refund on membership - after payment failure

Hi,I cancelled my membership in Jan (or so I thought) - but I continuted to recieve the odd email saying payment failure. Assumed that meant they weren't taking my money as I didnt want it anyway so didnt do anything - but just realised they've been ...

Resolved! Join our Customer Feedback group!

@Anonymous User I would love to join your group, but the topic is blocked for replies? 

redchiz1 by Champion 2
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Resolved! Combine Bills

Hi, new to this communityI have NowTV (Sky Sports), Boost and BroadbandIn the perfect world I'd like to combine all these bills into one payment or if nothing else at least combine TV and Boost together - is that possibleSecond - how do you contact a...

IanB by Scholar
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been charged for 19 months without knowing

I started a free trial to watch a movie in March 2021, I was careful to immediately cancel the free trial so that I wouldn't forget. As you can probably guess from the title, this wasn't the end of the story.I found out today that in order to watch o...