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Account & Billing


NOW Account Help and Information

  How do I create a NOW Account? If you're new to NOW you'll need to create an account in order to access all of our great content. Follow these simple steps to sign up.   How do I use My Account? We've changed the way My Account looks. See this link...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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GDPR News and Info - 25th May 2018

Hi All,   As you may be aware GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May. For more information on what GDPR means for you as a customer of NOW TV please take a look at our help article here:   If you have a ...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Changing Payment date

How do I change my payment date ? Is this something I can do on my account or do I have to call and ask them to change the payment date ? Thanks  

Payment date

Hello, my payment date is due the 29th of may this month but I was wondering if there is any chance I can change it by one day so to the 30th of may. This would really be appreciate if you can help me change the date. thank you so much kind regards, ...

Cancelling Account

Hi, I want to cancel my NOW TV account, but I can't seem to find out how, I just find ways to cancel memberships, but I've already done that, I just want to delete my account fully, I want my email and password and everything else to just go. Can any...

Kevin23 by Advocate
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Resolved! Now membership

Hi I signed up for the 7 day free trial for now membership, however they have continued to charge me 33.99 for the full month and a £1 charge. I quickly went to cancel it straight away hoping they will refund me but they havent? 

Aminul by Newbie
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I had to order a new card so for a few days my payment couldn’t go through, so when my new card came I put updated my details but the payment still won’t go through?

Ell by Advocate
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How do I contact sky/NOW TV about my payment

Hey,  I've taken out a contract with you in October 21 and you only ever taken the payment in November and haven't since then. My wifi is still on. I've only njust noticed as I thought that my DD is going out every month, just checked that it has nev...

M_CUP by Advocate
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Cancel contact

I started my boardband with now Aug 2021 - I am moving 5th Aug this year - how much notice do I need to give to cancel and is there any fees ? I have a standard package 22 per month Thanks ! 

Resolved! Phone line dead but internet working

I changed to NOW TV a few days ago and the broadband came on fine with the speed expected and no issues.However, the phone is dead, no dial tone, nothing. If I call my number from my mobile it cuts off, does not ring. I have checked with 2 other phon...