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You Took Money from me and I hadn't renewed my account- REFUND WANTED

You took money from me this month and I hadn't renewed anything. In fact it's months since I cancelled my subscription. 

I want a refund now!!!

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Legend 5

Hi @Morgan 

as this is an incorrect/unauthorised charge. There is a particular support form for this, but I happen to think it's a bit too well hidden 

the best way to handle this would be to fill in the form at the link below

Try to give Now as much information as you possibly can and it would be easiest to fill this in on a desktop/laptop PC or Mac. A tablet or mobile device will work, but it might be a bit fiddly. You'll probably need to submit a different request for each membership type. Use the link below to see what your recent payments have been.

As long as the passes have not been used Now will most likely refund you

Hope this helps

I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.