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Wrongly billed, cancellation is a con game

Took at a week's trial in April, cancelled online, to find now 8 months later that I have been paying for two(!) Sky Cinema packages. Cancelled two days ago and contacted customer services for a refund. Then found that one pass was still there. They said my cancellation process was hanging in the air. I went back and after some scrolling I found endless sequence of extra windows asking me if I really wanted to cancel. Customer service is now offering me a miserable one month's refund when I had 16 payments taken out for a service I never intended to use, that's nearly £200. Their business model is built on people not noticing that the cancellation process is like a Ryanair booking, asking extra questions before you get to payment, trying to trap you into something that you don't want. The whole thing is especially bad if you try to do it on the phone, there is no way to notice the cancellation buttons without scrolling and why would you scroll once you already have clicked in the previous screen?

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Re: Wrongly billed, cancellation is a con game

I'm in the same boat except I did go through the process, got the email saying it's been cancelled, now found out that they've bene taking money for the past 18 months.  I gave them the evidence and am now continually being ignored.  Terrible business practice.

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Re: Wrongly billed, cancellation is a con game

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I'm going to drop a cancellation or two tomorrow, I'm going to be watching very carefully to see that everything goes OK.



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