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Why is sports mobile pass not showing in app?

I was given a sports mobile pass because I bought a sports day pass. I see it on website.  I don't see it in app.  I don't want to watch something on the mobile and accidentally start the day pass.  I did a fresh install of the app on my phone.


Will the mobile pass work on my phone?




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Legend 5


When did you purchase the day membership? 

On the offers section it indicates that it’ll take up to 10 days for the mobile membership to be received. See screenshot below.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Expert 3

@gavs82008 I was sent an email today and as you can see from the screen shots it shows on the website. However it does not show on the app.


My concern is that if I start watching sport on the mobile it will use the day pass which I want to keep until this weekend.