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Why are they still taking my money???

I have cancelled NOWTV on three occasions now, my membership thing shows I’m not signed up for any package, so I can’t cancel using the website route. I’ve spoken to my bank because they’ve just taken another £9.99 that I’m not receiving any services for and they can’t cancel because a subscription is set up differently to a DD or SO. So if the bank can’t stop them taking my money and NOWTV won’t give a phone number that I can find anywhere for customer services then what am I meant to do? I have a life limiting illness and my income is disability benefit. I cannot afford NOWTV, and I can’t afford for them to keep taking a tenner a month after I first tried to cancel nearly a year ago. Any help or advice gratefully received. Many thanks, UnhappyNicky 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply so thoroughly to my rant. I REALLY appreciate it ❤️