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Who can i talk to. Not on here an actual person for help

I see my payments are not going  out, so ive updated my card, still nothing. Its been like this for 3 months. Because of this what i owe goes up each month so it looks like ive not paid. Now my Now tv is not working, i  use the now tv apps online on tv to watch channels as my airal dosent work . Nothing. Ive check my internet, its definatley now tv. They are bloody useless. No one to talk to other than stupid robots. Had enough. Will get rid of stupid now tv. Tbh they are all as bad as each other. This day and age technology gets worse not better. 

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Legend 5


When you said your aerial, do you have the NOW smart box?


Have you tried to set it back to factory settings?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help