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When do the preloaded passes expire?

When do the preloaded passes expire?  Or do they expire?


Nothing on I want to watch in cinema just now, and also I don’t know when entertainment was applied initially.  Currently using an offer, so no need to apply it.  Don’t know exactly when they were added, but entertainment was after Black Friday 2018 and the others around March 2019.  




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Hi @starman73 


The majority of NowTV voucher codes are usually 12 months from date of purchase, where there are a few exceptions such has the vouchers from Game are only 6 months and certain promo or prize giveaways may be less where you need to read the T&C's.


If i was in your shoes if you hover your cursor on the vouchers and right click it (don't open or redeem the voucher) then from memory in the url address bar will be a voucher code embedded in it which usually starts with NOW *********** consisting of capital letters and numbers between 12 to 14 characters long.


Then write down the voucher code on a piece of paper and jump over to live chat with the list of voucher codes and ask them if they can give you the expiry dates.


Perhaps test it out on your entertainment voucher pass from your screen shot where you can't redeem it yet (just in case you accidentally click on it, but from memory i think it will ask you on screen are you sure you want to redeem and start the pass).


Unfortunately i haven't got a voucher saved on my account at the moment to test the above to see if it works.

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