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Using vouchers as a NowTV broadband customer

I'm still not happy with how vouchers work as a former Combo customer who still gets broadband from NowTV.


Passes can still only be cancelled on the last day of the month (I believe this system does not apply to newer broadband customers).  This means that, unless you start a pass on the first day of the month, you will lose days if you cancel before the end of the month or be charged for extra days if you cancel after the start of the next month.


If I get a voucher for a month's pass, I want to be able to start it on any date and for it to last for a month. I don't want, for example, to start it on Jan 15th, cancel on Feb 14th and be charged for Feb 16th-28th.


I don't want to have to keep contacting customer services for a refund. Nor do I want to create a separate account for watching Now TV.


When will former Combo customers be moved to the new-style broadband billing system which will let them pay for passes separately?

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