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Using more than one device

After lots fo issues with being charged for random extra stuff and regulalry not being being able to log on to watch becasue of player fault and too many devices it transpires that they have changed the terms to only allow one device at a time uness you pay extra. It was originaly 5 devices and you can still register up to 6 devices. How and when did they inform long standing customers of this change anyone know?

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Hi @Aretheyconmen 


The change from two simultaneous streams down to one stream (without Boost) plus the introduction of adverts came into force on around July 2021.


There was a notification message on customers accounts when logging under My Membership, plus there was a number of threads on the NOW Community Forum, plus there was a dedicated NOW help article on their website.


I can't remember if customers was also notified by email, where i will have to double check my inbox, deleted folder or spam folder around about June / July.


The reduction of two streams to one, plus adverts for non Boost customers have gone down like a lead balloon.

Thanks for your reply. Thats a very modern way of changing things i.e.the emphasis is for the customer to log into their account when it's not otherwise necessary. I wonder if it's actually legal as I certainly know I didn't get an email stating the change? However unless it's a class action it's not worth pursuing which I guess is what the company relies ont o get away with it.

As it's a monoploy service pretty much over the rack for whatever they do unless you cancel completely. They have golf coverage sown up so no choice but to stick aorund i guess!!! No happy though.

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@Aretheyconmen @schnapps emails were sent to customers in late May and again in June. A copy of mine is below. The Terms and Conditions were also updated with a large banner at the top reflecting the changes.



As for the legality of the way they make changes, the Terms and Conditions are quite clear in that they can make any changes to the service they like as long as they notify users by one of the stated means - the website, email or push notification and you aren't materially disadvantaged by the changes in your current usage period.

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The number of streams was never 5, it was 2 as mentioned by @schnapps and @Saint1976 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Don't know how long you have been taking this service but I can guarantee when I started it was certainly more than two!!