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Using VOIP Services with NowTv Broadband

I'm trying to use a VOIP Service to allow me to make and receive calls in "Australia"  (as this is where I used to live...)


To allow me to do this, I have to disable SIP ALG on the router, but I don't see any options for this in the router settings. 


Does anyone know if this is even possible? 


@Anonymous User  You won’t be able to do this on any of the NOW TV Hubs. A more sophisticated router (i.e. one with a lot more setup & control options than the NOW TV Hub!) would be need to be used.

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I thought as much, thank you for confirming! I will have a look for an alternative router. 


Cheers! Alex.


Sorry for responding on an old thread but thought I need to correct the wrong advice given here.

SIP ALG wont be blocked by many ISPs hence there's no need to unblock anything.

In other words you don't need to buy any other specific router.

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Has anyone solved this issue?


I have the same problem, the Sky broadband help pages give instructions to turn ALG off on their router, but in the NowTV version this isn't an option.


Any ideas?