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Unscrupulous cancellation - NOW TV con artists

I've just cancelled my Entertainment pass and yet again NOW TV have tried to trick me into thinking I have actually cancelled. 

Here's the con. You opt to cancel and then, quite reasonably, you are asked if you really want to cancel. OK, I might have made a mistake. However, that isn't really a question because it's presented as a load of adverts for content to distract you. The actual second confirmation can't be done without scrolling down the page. I've seen this before, so I know that trick. But guess what? Doh, what a ****ing idiot, I've now cancelled twice, obviously by accident. So I get a third request to confirm. OK, let's do that and get on with life. NO, please confirm for a fourth time because you, the customer, are a complete moron (I must be to use Sky, after all) and don't know their own mind and can't control your fingers, let alone your bowels. 

This isn't "customer retention", it's money-grabbing because if you don't jump through all these hoops you get charged for another month of drivel. There is no justification for that many confirmations, I've not seen close to it on any other site, they expect you to think "job done, now let's click off to watch YouTube". Their excuse when you do get charged is that you would have got a confirmation email (not four, just one) and if you don't look for that then the process obvioulsy didn't complete and it's your fault.

If you make a mistake and cancel, it's not a huge effort to simply renew; NOW TV, you are not "helping" me with this crap. Get real and realise that customers quit because of the dearth of new or interesting content (ditto for Cinema), not because they accidentally log into the website and cancel. (Speaking of which, when I logged into the website, I had to do a Captcha. Despite being "logged in", I then was asked to log in again. NOW TV, very thorough...)

P.S. to take the final drop of urine, they put the price up in the same month they dropped my LG TV from device support.

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