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Unknown charges aside from what I pay for my passes?

I have recently discovered that aside from my monthly passes which I pay for, I am being charged another amount that I still haven't been told what for even though I spoke to a live chat guy who said he had to pass it in to some department and I would receive a email in the next 72 hours... that was a month ago.

I pay £9.99 per month for movie pass and £7.99 for entertainment pass, but since April 2017 I found that I also have had £16.98 each month taken from my account and there is no explanation or indication to what that charge is for and I certainly never agreed to any charge.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know to get this resolved as that is a whole 12 months I have been charged for something I have no idea what for.
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Hi @Anonymous User


If the charge was £17.98 then I would have said it's a combined cinema & entertainment pass.


When you go to My Account > My Payment on here, is there any description of the £16.98 charge ?


Should there be no indication of a payment taken each month of £16.98, then have you ever created more than one account in the past to take advantage of any free trials or promo offers ?

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Thanks for your reply... I realised that I have forgotten about this for a while but it's now cropped back up and I would like to get this resolved.


After checking my account it has payments for the Movies pass and the Entertainment pass! But on my statement from my bank each month there is a 1 payment off £9.99, 1 payment for £7.99 which correlates to my active passes but there is also one for £16.98 for which there is no reason or explanation?


I have never made another account to capatilize on free trials etc...


This has been going on for some time now and I would very much like for my money to be returned to me as it totals up to a fair amount of money.


I hope to hear from you soon and I will be making a point to check back frequently for a reply! 



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I have been paying £20:98 twice for at least 12months n just wish I could get this sorted. I am disabled and can't use keypads very well. Is there a way to fone Now TV? I would think I should be entitled to a refund? 


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@Anonymous User 

Sorry to say there is no contact number for TV passes with Now TV, only broadband. 


You could try filling this form out. Saves you going onto Live chat.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help