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Unknown charges aside from what I pay for my passes?

I have recently discovered that aside from my monthly passes which I pay for, I am being charged another amount that I still haven't been told what for even though I spoke to a live chat guy who said he had to pass it in to some department and I would receive a email in the next 72 hours... that was a month ago.

I pay £9.99 per month for movie pass and £7.99 for entertainment pass, but since April 2017 I found that I also have had £16.98 each month taken from my account and there is no explanation or indication to what that charge is for and I certainly never agreed to any charge.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know to get this resolved as that is a whole 12 months I have been charged for something I have no idea what for.
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schnapps Champion 4
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Re: Unknown charges aside from what I pay for my passes?

Hi @EasyDrifter90


If the charge was £17.98 then I would have said it's a combined cinema & entertainment pass.


When you go to My Account > My Payment on here, is there any description of the £16.98 charge ?


Should there be no indication of a payment taken each month of £16.98, then have you ever created more than one account in the past to take advantage of any free trials or promo offers ?

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