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Unauthorised payments

I pay for Nowtv and have done for a long time. This is connected to my Lloyds bank account. Now I have just checked my Tesco bank account and 3 payments have gone out for Nowtv. There is no direct debit showing so I can’t cancel it. I have checked my Nowtv account and it is definitely connected to my Lloyds account. The payments aren’t even the same amounts. Can you help me cancel this and get my money back please. 

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@Anonymous User 

It sounds like there is another account with the payment details you are talking about. Have a look at this link as it will pinpoint the account on which the other payment details are coming from.


Then head onto Live chat and speak with NOW staff. By clicking "chat online".


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help