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Unauthorised payment

I was charge £11.99 for movie pass

i don’t use this service anymore 

How can I delete all my data and credit card details 

now tv hold my credit cards details which I don’t use very often,

 I have been charge for service which I don’t use (don’t know how I have been charge for this service , I have an account but can’t delete my details and I have to pay my bank for not paying on time 

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Re: Unauthorised payment



When you signed up for Movies, you authorised continuing payments month by month until you cancelled.


If you have cancelled, then you should have an email stating this.


Have you cancelled, or tried to cancel?


Do you have, or have you had, the confirmatory email for a successful cancel?


If not, make sure you cancel your Movies subscription now, in My Account/Passes & Vouchers on NowTV.


Then use this:-


to contact NowTV, by Live Chat or email, to explain the situation. If they can see that the Movies Pass has not actually been used for a while, they can consider refunding you accordingly.


In the unlikely event that you have actually cancelled earlier, and NowTV have made a genuine mistake in charging you further, you could ask for whatever bank costs you have incurred over this to be reimbursed; but if you haven’t, then these will be for you to bear, I am afraid.


If you now set a Payment PIN on your account (My Account/Settings & PINs), this will be locked down, with no further charges applicable, but available if you want it again in the future.


Though if you really want your Account deleted completely now, ask for that also when you contact NowTV.


Good luck!

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