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Unauthorised payment taken for Boost

I notice that I've been charged for Boost. When I signed up for two months' NOW cinema at 99p per month, I specifically unchecked the option for Boost, because it's something I have no use for - I live alone and I only need to watch NOW on my laptop. Despite my having actively unchecked that option, I've now been charged for it alongside my second month. I would understand if this was something where I hadn't read the small print, but this is something I've actively said I don't want, and NOW are charging me for it. 

I've tried going through the chatbot system on the website, but none of the options I can find there are relevant - it just sends me down flowcharts that have to do with someone else's unauthorised activity on my account [e.g. the sort of thing that happens if your child gets hold of your payment details, or if a card is stolen], and that is not what took place here. 

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See this thread.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help