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Unauthorised Payments Taken

I’ve recently noticed that for the past year and a bit I’ve been paying for two Now tv accounts. I’ve contacted now tv who have been useless. Not replied too me for two week. I emailed them 4 times. They’ve taken my money from my account without me knowing. I tried to use the live chat but she kept getting accounts confused. She was awful I’m looking at taking legal action for this money ism missing as I contacted them and they said it was a double account. They wouldnt refund me. It’s a different email address using my bank details. I finally got a reply today saying I should go to the police. I don’t have time I work full time and a mum full time. Fuming is an understatement. I want someone to sort this out for me please as this is your mistake not mine. You’ve taken my hard earned money that I need. It looks like you’ve had this a lot from this forum. If I haven’t had this money refunded back to my account with the next few days, I will be looking for legal action, as I’m sure money other people on this forum would back me up. 

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