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Unauthorised Payment

I haven’t used any passes in a while (at least a few months) and I noticed a payment had been taken from my account, and then when I looked back I noticed two separate payments for £9.99 and £3.00 every month around 2 days apart around the 10th of the month. 

it has made me look back further to see a big track record of monthly payments for £11.99 when i never used it for that long a period of time, only having passes for short amounts of time. I really wonder how many payments have been taken without my consent - your website also offers no clear way of removing my profile/account or payment details, it feels very underhand to me. 
I would like someone to contact me to discuss this please because navigating through your website, through the help pages, then to contact, live chat not working and your Facebook page wouldn’t let me send an adequate message and just redirected me back to the help pages, this was useless! 

my email: [email removed]

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@Anonymous User 

This is a customer forum, so feel free to rant have a conversation. However to post any personal details is a breach of GDPR rules.


Also Now TV staff seldomly monitor and post on these threads. 


If you want a resolution, you are best to get in touch with Now TV first. 


Check this link to make sure you only have 1 account using the same payment details.


Fill this form out for "incorrect charge"


That being said, the below link will point you in the direction for Live chat.

Just make sure to click "chat online" underneath 'chat to an advisor'


Then there is always the customer service email address.

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help