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Unable to renew Brilliant Broadband contract

I've been trying to renew my Brilliant Broadband contract (currently £21.50), but every-time I call (3 times) the advisor states the renewal price (again £21.50), reads through the T&C, sends the T&C's via email, I agree then I'm put on hold only for the advisor to return and tell me its not been possible to place the order and to call back in 72hrs or on the 3rd attempt 7 days.

My current contract will expire in the next couple of days and then I'll be back to paying £28.50 on a monthly charge.

More frustrating is that I was advised that I could sign up as a new Brilliant Broadband customer and pay £20pm, cheaper than my renewal, but would have to have an engineer visit which would be 3 weeks.


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Sadly you are posting on a community frequented by other customers only, NOW will not respond on here. You need to persevere by contacting them directly I'm afraid, do let us know as and when you reach a solution.