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Unable to cancel my passes



I have bought a 6 months subscription for now tv cinema and entertaiment pass. I have not used for the past 2-3 months and decided to cancel it. I have been trying to cancel it all day and the buttons are showing as greyed out. When trying to contact customer service I am left for hours waiting for an adviser because it just keeps saying " An advisor's on the way..."

I can see that the renewal is tomorrow and I don't want to be billed for something I have not used for months anyway. I have paid for 6 months, however, I now want it canceled and I am not getting through to anyone in customer service here or on facebook. This is insane.

Please help!


Kind Regards,
Patrick Maxim

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Re: Unable to cancel my passes

@PatrickMMM none of the Now staff will be online. Chat maybe there up until 12, depending on what other people need. I'll tag @Tony-D so he can see this when he gets in.

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Chat are open 8am to Midnight:

Contact Now...

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