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Unable to Cancel Entertainment Pass... e-mail address would be useful!

I have tried several times over the last week to cancel my current pass so I will not be charged on the 18th.


A red box appears with:

We're having trouble displaying your Passes
Please wait a moment and try again.
I have "tried again" many times - spending over 2 hours on it so far.
I have also gone through the Help Centre - having used the Chat feature several times before - but this function is also not working.
If anyone can provide a non-no-reply e-mail address that won't be bounced back, I would be grateful.
Finally - I did send this through on a Feedback but, having had no reply, I will re-state here that I officially cancelled my current NowTV Entertainment pass at 09:24 16/09/2019 (British Summer Time)
Thanks, in advance...