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Two payments taken in one month

You have taken two payments for the same thing in two weeks I want my money back now I have no money to top up my electric !! I’ve already paid it on the 5th and you have taken another ten pounds today
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Re: Two payments taken in one month



Welcome to the forum. That can happen if you have more than one account, or someone else in the household has an account with the same payment card. Might be worth logging into any other accounts you have and if you find an active pass you don't want make sure it is cancelled. 


As for a refund, you can try talking to live chat, explaining the situation and seeing if they can do anything for you. They can also help find out why you've been charged twice. To get there go to the following help page

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Re: Two payments taken in one month

@Chelsi go to my account, passes and scroll down there is an option for querying charges. Ignore if it says you already have a case. Click the appropriate option and complete the form.

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Chat are open 8am to Midnight:

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