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This company took load money and I even had 2 seperate accoounts

I was on my smart tv and thought Id give this a go so I downloaded nowtv and joined with entertainment and I think only movies once maybe free along with broadband at 30mb.Then for some reason bit confused I done another account on my mobil which I never ever looked at it once.With tv I was [email removed] and every month out of bank was crazy for starters my final bill was 69.07 pound 31 aug 5.99 on top diffrent E mail 18th july 5.99  month after month 08 july 20.00 pound and so on.I never ever watched any now tv on mobil account was [email removed] I want all my money back going back quite a bit My tv E mail was [email removed] to say just 30mb speed broadband and just few entertainment channels was mad.All the channels r on freeview Ive now got cable laid so signed up I get 500 mb 240 tv channels phoneline and its cheaper than u lot 70 quid u got this monday and ive got no money u can go to hell I want all my money back from [email removed] I dont know why i done 2 accounts i must of been mistaken and got it wrong but nvr even signed in account mobil Im glad im out u lot.sort my funds to lyyods bank asap.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

You won't get your account payments sorted on the forum. As it is mainly used by fellow customers. 

Best option is to email support. 

customer services @ now tv . com (ensure no spaces)

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help