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Hi, I have my monthly subscription with Now TV but wish to buy a 5 month entertainment package at a discount price elsewhere. Has anyone else done this and applied it to their account, if so did your monthly subscriptions cease until the new voucher expired or did you just pay twice?

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Re: Subscriptions

Hi @Kaboom 


Just wondering where did you find the 5 month entertainment voucher pass from ?


If the NowTV 5 month entertainment voucher pass is legit and is from an authorised NowTV Retailer and you comply with the T&C's making sure it is not for new customers only.


Then normally what would happen is that you apply the 5 month voucher code next to your entertainment pass on your account by going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in on here.


Once the 5 month voucher is applied it will kick in just before your next due scheduled payment date and will run for 5 months and your monthly entertainment subscription payment of £7.99 per month will be suspended.


if you wish you can add a further voucher in the last 30 days remaining of when your 5 month offer is coming to an end or revert back to paying a monthly sub (which is not cost effective compared to vouchers or gift cards) or cancel.

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