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Still being charged for subscriptions for accounts I do not recognise

I started using Now TV last year and was originally on the £11.99 a month subscription.

However I replaced that subscription with a cheaper one (3.99) and eventually ended that subscription as well.

However I've noticed that I am still being charged £11.99 monthly and have a scheduled payment for this in a few days time.

However I have logged into my account and found that I have no current subscriptions.

I used the Account Finder and found that 2 other accounts are apparently using my banking details and they are accounts I do not recognise.

The page offers little help as it tells me to log into these accounts however I did not create these two other accounts.

I believe my banking details are being used and have changed my card details accordingly.

However I still feel unsure about my Now TV  security  and the pages offer little help about what to do in a situation like this apart from change my password which I have done .

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Still being charged for subscriptions for accounts I do not recognise


So since you have confirmed that you do not have access to the additional accounts that you found using the account finder, I would suggest filling this form out since Live Chat is down.



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