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Static on phone


My son rings my home number and gets static then we hear nothing,this has happen a lot and even stopped me ringing out or getting calls,

I am in my 80’s and need a good phone line,this line was put in about 1970-80

and trying to chat online is a waste of time as I keep going round in circles on this website,

just by send a signal down my line will not show the problem I want to know how to have my line replaced,

I would post a photo  here but this will not let me

can someone from nowtv email




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Legend 5


Give the team a call and they will hopefully send out an engineer to sort it out.

How to submit your complaint:

Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help