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Started 14 day free trial but was charged instantly!!

I am not happy, I myself used Now TV but after personal issues i cancelled my account and got a refund. I set another account up for my son to watch entertainment for 14 days free trial to see if he wanted to keep using, so I create a new email and use my name for the account. Set my free trial up and it tells me it’s ready to watch, I then go to my bank account and see I have been charged 7.99 instantly!!! I immediately cancelled the account i am disgusted!
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Re: Started 14 day free trial but was charged instantly!!



Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you are only allowed one of each free trial, even if you set up multiple accounts. The system would have picked up your name and payment card but should have warned you you would be charged immediately when you tried to activate the free trial. 


Make sure the pass is dfinitely cancelled. If you want to try and ask for a refund, you can try talking to live chat, explaining the situation and seeing if they can do anything for you. To get there go to the following help page

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Re: Started 14 day free trial but was charged instantly!!

@Unhappynowtvuse @Andy


You know Unhappy


You are really only allowed one 14 day free trial per account holder, you've had your free trial and so you cannot get another one.


As Andy says, you can discuss your problem with help chat but, as far as I can see, you will not be entitled to your money back.


Anyway, good luck.



UK Bob 




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