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Sports membership

My access to the internet is by either iPhone or Amazon fire 7, (ie no computer or laptop) I watch Now on through a Black Now box

Ive spent the last 2 days attempting to cancel my Sport Month Membership online,  I’ve just been going round in circles and getting nowhere! I rang my bank and they can’t guarantee that future payments will be stopped because Nowtv almost always change the payment reference thereby always taking money every time the month ends. making cancellation impossible! 
having looked on social media, it seems that I’m by no means the only person being ripped-off by the Now system! 
Please can someone help me to sort this out. 

Thanks in advance 👍

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

Assuming you haven't got multiple NOW accounts and not billed by a third party then jump over to NOW live chat where they should be able to look into your account in more detail on their computer system.

Also If any family members or friends share your sign in details on their playback devices then add a payment pin to your NOW account.

Click on the green chat online button from this link page below to contact NOW live web chat service. 

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

The million "dollar" question is where did you take out the membership? 

Was it on the website or through the app on one of your devices? If it was the latter then the membership will be billed though the app store of that device.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help