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Sky Sports - Season Pass Offer

This is offer states you get 10 months of sky sports for £179.

If also says cancel anytime - my how does the billing  work? Is it a single upfront payment? Am I actually committed to 10 months?

Or am I effectively billed 17.99 each month and can cancel anytime?


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@Anonymous User wrote:


I wonder then - if you decide to cancel 3 months into the deal for no reason, do you get a 7/10 refund back? Or is it basically a 100% pay upfront, non refundable agreement?

@Anonymous User No you wouldn't, you could cancel at any time but the pass will still run for it's full 10 months and you wouldn't get a partial refund. Cancelling will just stop the pass auto-renewing at the end of the 10 months. 

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