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Sky Cinema pass I didn't know I had that costs £0.00 per month

I've only recently re-activated my Entertainment pass on my NowTV account, because of Game of Thrones. I've probably not used NowTV since season 7, round about the summer of 2017.


In checking my bill payments I've discovered that I have a Cinema pass that I didn't know I had that I get charged monthly for. I see payment records going as far back as May 2018, I don't know if it goes further back. Not only do I not recall subscribing for the Cinema pass, it costs me a grand total of £0.00 every month!


It's a service I don't use. I don't seem to be able to cancel it from the NowTV Account management page, it tells me to go to the main Sky website. When I log into the main Sky website, there doesn't seem anything for me to cancel.


I used to be with Sky for my telephone and broad band, so I'm wondering if there was a mistake there when I cancelled and somehow the cinema pass is still 'attached' to my account.


I've not tried to used the Cinema Pass to see if it's working. As far as I'm concerned it's not something I've paid for and I don't intend to use it. I would like to get rid of it to save myself any future hassle though.


Could anyone give me any advice on the matter?

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