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Signed up for service without being requested

I got a message today saying I'd been set up for a free trial to Sky Cinema Month Pass which would then start being billed in a weeks time. I did not request this is any way whatsoever. This is an extremely devious way of extracting money from customers. Is there any way of ensuring this doesn't get repeated? I would much rather close my account completely then have to deal with being signed up for stuff that I haven't requested.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Any other family members such has children got access to any of your nowtv devices where they can easily start a free trial directly from their devices without a security pin added to your account ?


If so, then to prevent this happening again in the future, go to My Account > Settings & Pin's whilst logged into the NowTV website and add a four digit pin code to your account.


Next thing go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers on here and fully cancel the free trial (make sure you follow all the steps on screen approx 4 steps to cancel the trial).


If nobody else has got access to either your devices or your account details, then pop over to live chat and explain to them what's happened to see if they can figure out how a free trial was triggered on your account without your knowledge.


To reach live chat, open the link below, then select the most appropriate category, then pick the nearest help topic, then move towards the bottom of the screen page and click the green arrow underneath "How to Get in Touch" to reveal the live chat button .

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OK - got it - it was someone using a PS4 - they were logged in as their PS4 user on the console, but the NowTV app on the PS4 insecurely uses the same NowTV account for everyone across the PS4.