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Signed up for NowTV - but I never ordered it?!

I just got the following email - however I have not ordered kids pass. It is feasible one of my teenagers did, but they say no..... are NowTV doing an auto sign up for customers?


"Congratulations, you’ve just got your hands on a Kids Pass and now have a front row seat to the best kids entertainment live and on demand. Get ready to lose yourself in a world of colourful characters. Enjoy your 14 day free trial and when your trial ends, we'll take your first payment 14 days from the Order Date below. It's just £2.99 a month. Here's your order:"



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Re: Signed up for NowTV - but I never ordered it?!



Hi Ali


There are two things you can do:-


1) Go into your Now TV account and set up a secret PIN by doing My Account >>> My PIN, that way your teenagers will never be able to order anything again behind your back, they will have to ask you to do it for them.


2) Again, go into your Now TV account by doing My Account >>> My passes, and cancel the kids pass, you will still get your free 14 days but you will not be charged the recurring subscription fee.


After doing the above, you may now have disappointed teenagers but peace will be restored to your household.Smiley Happy



UK Bob


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Re: Signed up for NowTV - but I never ordered it?!

Double checked my surprise account and the thieves at skynow tv aren't happy just taking money for nothing but June July and November the crooks have stolen payment twice for the same pass I didn't want.pricks
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