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Signed up and paid but nothing

Ive signed up..paid and had no email or anything to confirm when starting or anything...anyone had same thing and know what to do please
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Anonymous User
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Have the exact same issue. Seems there is an issue with their website, just getting a blank white screen when it should provide confirmation of order. I too have been double charged due to trying twice. How do you contact this mob as there is no contact us number anywhere...

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@Anonymous User


First choose 'NOW TV account & payments', then 'I have a query about my bill or payment date'.

Then there will be a get in touch drop down, which you would select 'broadband' or 'TV' for the live chat. 


When I had broadband with Now TV, the number I used was 03300412460. Although not sure if it is still the same. 

If it was TV you signed up for be aware there is no contact number. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help